Do you also know this feeling of restlessness, nervousness?

The feeling of never having enough and never being enough?

Your thoughts constantly revolve around future fulfillment or remain in the past?

According to Eckhardt Tolle's The Power of Now, there exists the mind and the realm of no-mind. In my translation, the Mind is a sphere that bends the realm of no-mind – the continuum. 

When I understood that, it was clear that I have to encounter this awareness in my own way, in my art


All my works taking place in the sphere. They describe how our thoughts and emotions define our perception. I show sensory organs composed of thoughts and faith sets. These arising phantom-selfs are analogous to our ego.

My passion is the chemical reaction between oil and its antagonist turpentine, to show the emerging character of the sensory organs from their components.

In that sense, I use oil colors and various other mediums to create my works.


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